ADZ is a family-owned company and works for, and with, our clients in a sustained and long-term manner.

For us quality, flexibility and efficiency are not just words - they are the standards according to which we act.
Flexible > Flexible -> flexible production; we adapt the capacity every 4 hours
Reliable > error quota < 1.5 ppm
Innovative > for us there is no problem without the appropriate solution
Located in the heart of Europe ADZ offers a broad range of services which extend well beyond the simple distribution of goods. Our aim is to become the solution for all your distribution needs. In this way we will help your company to overcome the numerous hurdles that are present when marketing your products in the European Union. In the past 15 years we have been able to build up ourselves a strong reputation of being a partner for companies which want to enter the European market with their products. However, we also help companies with our logistics solutions which want to penetrate a larger international market with their Internet platform.

Whilst you can concentrate on your company's core business with an easy conscience you can be sure that your products are in safe hands. We offer a broad range of individual services which range from the repacking to warehousing, the compilation of orders and extend as far as the distribution of goods. Our great strength is our flexibility - we are able to offer each company a unique solution which is tailored to their individual needs and wishes. Furthermore our services in the fields of packaging and distribution are extremely variable and individually scalable.